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Worldwide export

Delivery abroad

You come from abroad and want to buy one of our motorhomes despite the physical distance? With us this is also possible. We will gladly export the model you ordered to your desired location.

There are many reasons for ordering from abroad. For example, you may come from another country or be a temporary resident there. Under certain circumstances, the purchase prices for motorhomes are also higher locally than in our country. Furthermore, the quality standards in other countries are not always as transparent as desired.

With our multilingual staff, you can easily plan an export of your motorhome abroad. The following languages are spoken at our company: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish. Profit from our internationally oriented business.

We export worldwide

In almost all countries

In the course of our 15-year history, our motorhomes have already been exported to a wide variety of countries. These include, for example, most EU/EEA countries. However, an export to non-European countries is also possible as a rule. Some of our motorhomes have already found their way to Australia, Brazil or China.


We provide it for you

In order to ensure a smooth import into your home country, we provide you with all documents required for the import into your country already at the time of handover of the purchased item. These include, for example, the following documents:

  • EEC Declaration of Conformity (COC for Certificate of Conformity)
  • Manufacturer's certificates
  • Customs documents (EU1, export declaration)
  • TÜV, Dekra or GTÜ certificates etc.

Value added tax

We provide it for you

In general, every new as well as used car is shown with the 19% VAT. If you as a customer want to export a vehicle within the EU, the vehicle will be sold to you at the net amount, if a valid VAT identification number is available.

If this is not the case, as is the case with private individuals, for example, the VAT will be refunded after the vehicle has been successfully registered abroad and the registration documents have been sent.

Consequently, the concern that VAT will be incurred twice is unfounded, because VAT is usually invoiced in the importing country by the authorities there two to three weeks after successful registration, and the VAT paid to us has already been refunded. In the case of countries such as Norway, the VAT is only refunded after receipt of the export declaration. We receive this as soon as the vehicle has been registered with the relevant customs office abroad.

License plate and insurance

Available with us

In order to be able to drive the vehicle after handover, we offer optional short-term and customs license plates for each vehicle. The yellow transfer license plates and the red export license plates are afflicted with a liability insurance for the European Union and the customs license plates with an international liability insurance. Unfortunately, partial or full insurance is not possible in these cases.

Import regulations

Please understand that we can unfortunately not give you any information regarding import abroad, as the legislation can change constantly. We recommend that you contact the local authority if you have any questions.

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