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We offer the following conversions:

Refinement of the interior

The standard installed interior of your motorhome is not enough for you and you want more? Great, we are also fans of more quality and will gladly install a refined interior for you. For example, plastic parts can often be exchanged for counterparts made of higher quality materials. Feel free to let us know your wishes - we'll make it happen.

Leather and imitation leather upholstery seats/fittings

Leather upholstery enhances the look and makes your motorhome look even more premium. For example, you can have simple upholstered sets replaced with seats covered in fine leather of your favorite color. Dashboards can also be covered with genuine or imitation leather if necessary.

Leather preparation

We will be happy to quickly and professionally refurbish worn or scuffed leather surfaces inside your motorhome. This way, your furniture will look like new right away.

Sun visors

We are happy to install and repair sun shades - inside and out - on your RV. When the sun is high, a functioning sunshade is a must.

Room divider

Want more privacy? No problem! If you would like to have more enclosed areas in your motorhome, you can have room dividers installed. This way you can use the available space for several "rooms".

Starry sky

You want to look at the starry sky not only outside but also inside while falling asleep? We will build you a glittering sky on your ceiling. Design and number of lights you choose.

LED Stripes

LED strips can be used in the motorhome in many ways. As a rule, they are intended as indirect lighting. For example, they can be installed as an unobtrusive light source on the wall or in the closet. They are available in various designs and colors.

Loudspeaker and surround system

Upon request, we will be happy to install a speaker and surround system in your motorhome. This gives you the option, for example, to listen to music, podcasts or similar loudly throughout the vehicle.

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Non-binding request

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